What is Life Coaching?

Have you ever wondered how to find your passion, or how to be more confident? Have you dreamt of finding that job you love or having the courage to change? In the hustle and bustle of modern life, knowing the right path to take can be a challenge. In recent years, an increasing number of people have discovered the benefits that working with a life coach can bring. Life coaching can help you in all aspects of your life, from enhancing your relationships to growing the skills to succeed in your career.

A different kind of coach

You may have heard of life coaching, but do you know exactly what the term means? It can come in a variety of forms and styles, but at its core, it is the process of working with a coach to help you meet your goals.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines life coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

This means that similar to how a sports coach helps a professional athlete achieve that gold medal, a life coach will help you achieve your true potential in your personal and professional life. No matter whether you are wondering how to find your passion in life, how to find the job you love, or simply understand how to have the courage to change, a life coach can help you.

Your life coach is both a trusted friend and expert advisor, pushing you on to identify and achieve your goals, giving you the support you need to live the best life you can.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

The ICF Global Coaching Client Study found that clients noted greater self-confidence, enhanced relationships, more effective communication skills, better work/life balance, and improved wellness. In fact, 99% of people polled said they were satisfied with the overall coaching experience. Working with a life coach can provide a wide range of benefits, but some of the most significant include:

Gain clarity

One of the most important aspects of working with a life coach is that it helps you to enjoy greater clarity, self-understanding, and meaning. Being able to find your life purpose is difficult, but a life coach can help you to gain a better insight into who you are by clarifying your values, priorities, and goals.

Increase confidence

At times, we all wonder how to be more confident and have the courage to make big changes. A life coach will help you harness your talents and sharpen your skills so you can be confident in making those important changes. They will also ensure you are well equipped to tackle challenges and achieve your goals, now and in the future.

Be your authentic self

Do your actions honor who you are and who you want to become? Or have you lived according to “shoulds” and doing what society dictates, instead of what you need? If there’s a part of yourself that you’ve buried or left behind, a coach can help you rediscover and embrace your whole self so you can live authentically and feel passionate and fulfilled.

Navigate life transitions

Going through a difficult transition can be tough. Whether you’re going through minor changes or you want to completely reinvent your life, life coaching can help you find direction and navigate these changes successfully.

Get out of a rut

Do you ever feel stuck? Unable to shake yourself out of old habits and patterns of thought or behavior? It happens to all of us from time to time. The best way to get unstuck is to partner with a coach who can motivate you and help you see new perspectives that are hidden in your blind spots.

Receive the support you need

Social support theory involves the study of how our relationships enhance our health and well-being. Having the genuine support of another person has been shown to make challenges appear less threatening. With the support of a coach, you are more likely to be empowered to take actions toward your goals.

Improve your productivity

How many times have you wished you had more hours in the day? We all have at some point, but in the majority of cases, the issue is not a lack of time, but instead how we are utilizing the time we have. A life coach will help you implement clear routines and structures into your life, ensuring you can be more productive while maintaining balance.

Achieve your authentic goals

The goals you want to achieve in life are as unique as you are as an individual. Whether you want to find a job you love or discover your life purpose, your life coach will be there to support you and push you forward when things are tough. A life coach can help you overcome challenges while providing accountability to keep you responsible for following through with your commitments.

Are you looking for a life coach?

Are you ready to step up to your full potential and become the very best version of yourself possible? Hiring a life coach can help you to achieve your goals, and as an experienced and certified life coach, I am here to help you take your life to the next level.

To find out more, book a free discovery call with me today. I’d love to learn about you and chat about how I can help you turn your dream into your reality!

About Me

Hi, I’m Bekah! I’m a Transformational Life Coach, Founder of Irie Life Coaching, and Creator of the Reinvent My Reality Program. I help people who are unfulfilled overcome deeply subconscious self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and unreasonable fears and doubts, so they can reignite their passions and begin living an authentic life filled with meaning and purpose.

My mission is to help others consciously create the life they desire, instead of living on autopilot, settling by default, or living a life decided by outside expectations.

Want to know my top life-changing hacks? Download the free Bring Your Passions to Life Challenge to rediscover what brings you joy and makes you feel passionate, which is vital for finding the purpose that will allow you to feel fulfilled. 

3 thoughts on “What is Life Coaching?”

  1. I’ve been wanting to quit my current job for a while now, but I’m worried I might have a hard time afterward when I search for a new job opportunity. I’m glad you told us that getting life coaching can help us increase our confidence since the coach will be able to help us harness our talents and sharpen the skills that we will need when we make important changes in life. I’ll take note of this while I look for a life coach to hire soon.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad to hear that was helpful to you 🙂 In searching for a coach, a free consultation/ discovery call may be a good first step with anyone you’re considering working with. Best of luck!

  2. I love that you mentioned that a life coach can help you feel empowered. I just got a new position at work, and I’m feeling overwhelmed with the leadership role. It’d be nice to hire a life coach to help me handle the change.

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