The Reinvent My Reality Program

How much longer can you burn the candle at both ends? Or sit in your office wishing you were anywhere else? Dreading every other working day? Letting your unfulfilling job drain your life force until you are completely burnt out? 

How much longer?

Let me guess: you’re telling yourself that right now is not the right time, but you’ll take action someday, one day when you’re not too tired or too busy or this or that, let me tell you something… 

Someday will never come unless you do something right now.

So I am inviting you to take that action with me today through the Reinvent My Reality Program, because:

Living life with purpose is a necessity, not a luxury.

As someone who has already gone through what you are experiencing right now and come out on the other side thriving, I can guide you on your journey.

I’ve translated all my learning and experience into my coaching strategies to help you take action toward your goals and dreams, and live a life you love.

The Reinvent My Reality Program…

…is an 8-step process designed to empower you to break free from limitations and live authentically, in alignment with your passions and life purpose. 

Platinum one-on-one coaching provides intensive, personalized support to help you reinvent your life into the one YOU desire, instead of living on autopilot, settling by default, or living a life decided by outside expectations.

Just imagine waking up every morning filled with optimism, eagerly awaiting the day ahead.

Picture yourself doing a purpose-filled, meaningful job that you adore. 

Imagine going through your days energized and motivated. 

Isn’t that what you really want?

If the answer is a resounding yes, let’s get you on the path to that new life!

The 8 Step REINVENT Process

R: Roadmap - Phase 1

You’ll holistically assess your life, identify your core values, and gain clarity about what matters most to you. 

With my support, you’ll establish a blueprint for your ideal reality and translate your ideal vision into effective action. 

Together we will create a roadmap to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

E: Empowered Mindset - Phase 2

You’ll learn to master your subconscious mind and eliminate limiting beliefs blocking you from reaching your highest potential. 

You’ll strengthen your mindset to support your vision and empower you on your transformational journey.

I: Inspiration - Phase 3

You’ll revive or discover your passions and identify how they bring meaning, fulfillment, and purpose into your life. 

You’ll define your “WHY” and connect with your life purpose. 

With this understanding, you’ll be increasingly inspired and motivated to create your ideal reality, especially when you encounter obstacles or setbacks.

N: Narrative Stories - Phase 4

You’ll explore your personal stories and identify how you formulate their meaning. 

You’ll gain clarity on how your thoughts and actions are impacted by the language you use when telling the stories from your life. 

With this understanding, you’ll learn to reframe your stories and strengthen your resilience as you move forward in your transformation.

V: Vision of New Reality - Phase 5

You’ll harness your imagination and the power of creative visualization to define your vision of your new reality. 

You’ll paint a vivid picture inspiring you to live your most passionate, fulfilling, and authentic life. 

Through sustaining your vision in your daily life, you’ll create the conditions that will allow it to manifest in your reality.

E: Emotions - Phase 6

You’ll utilize our signature IRIE process to explore your most challenging or negative emotions. 


You will learn to connect your brain and heart with your body and heal any disconnect that results from suppressing or stoically ignoring your emotions. 


You’ll release these negative feelings and allow positive emotions to carry you forward towards your new reality.

View a full-size version of the IRIE Process in our Gallery.


N: Nurture - Phase 7

You’ll create the time and space necessary for your new reality to emerge by focusing on self-care, self-compassion, and balancing work with play. 

You’ll be amazed at how putting yourself at the top of your to-do list invigorates your life with new vitality and flow.

T: Transform - Phase 8

You’ll leverage your unique strengths to make aligned decisions and take effective actions toward your desired reality. 

You’ll be empowered to break free from limitations and live authentically, in alignment with your passions and life purpose. 

You’ll be well-equipped to continue discovering opportunities and resources available for creating your desired reality, now and into the future. 

Why trust me and why do this now?

Because I know your pain and that’s why I created the Reinvent My Reality Program.

I’m Bekah, a certified transformational life coach who helps people turn their goals and dreams into reality. 

Before becoming a coach, I had a different occupation and was fairly successful at it. 

But guess what? I could not fill the void inside me in any way. 

Of course, I kept myself too busy to face that void.

I strived to climb the career ladder from 9 to 5 doing what society dictated, not what I needed. 

I lived on auto-pilot – getting from one day to the other feeling stressed and exhausted.

My life lacked purpose or meaning. 

I remember sitting in my office, wishing I was anywhere else on earth. 

Sound familiar?

The worst part was I thought that was okay. had bought into the lie that enjoying your life and career is a luxury that very few people could possess. 

Unfortunately, life gave me a kick in the behind with a dark night of the soul.

On the bright side, my darkest hour turned into an awakening process.

I finally understood that I only have one life, and I couldn’t keep on living on autopilot forever. 

That’s why I took deliberate action to reinvent my life by immersing myself in psychology, neuroscience, personal growth, and mindfulness in my quest for a happier and more purposeful life. 

I took courses, read books, and explored how to combine my strengths with things I enjoyed. 

Today I live a life filled with meaning, I love what I do and I have rediscovered my creativity.

And here’s the thing. YOU can achieve the same.

In fact, you deserve to!

Enough living on autopilot! Let’s get started!

“Rebekah is a force to be reckoned with and wise beyond her years. She has been coaching me for about 6 months and has helped me navigate some big challenges. We always get to the heart of the matter very quickly and she's great at seeing aspects of a situation I don't (which is why a good coach is priceless). She is a very good listener with keen insights that help bring out solutions I wouldn't have come up with on my own. Her gentle questioning and compassion create a very safe space to share whatever is on my mind and heart. I highly recommend Rebekah as a life coach.”

- Janine Aurichio

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Program Options

Reinvent My Reality

Pay in Full & Save $
  • Eight (8) 1-hour coaching sessions
  • One 2-hour Accelerate Strategy Session
  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • Life Satisfaction Assessment
  • Strategy Session Follow-up Email
  • Audio Recordings
  • Savings of $394 Compared to Three Payment Plan

Reinvent My Reality

Three Payment Plan
$797 x 3
  • Eight (8) 1-hour coaching sessions
  • One 2-hour Accelerate Strategy Session
  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • Life Satisfaction Assessment
  • Strategy Session Follow-up Email
  • Audio Recordings


2-hour Strategy Session
  • One 2-hour Accelerate Strategy Session
  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • Life Satisfaction Assessment
  • Strategy Session Follow-up Email
  • Audio Recording

Not ready to commit to the full program?

You can sample the Reinvent My Reality Program by starting with the 2-hour Accelerate Strategy Session.

After this test-drive, if you find my ground-breaking transformational coaching methods to your liking, you can get a credit of $397 to apply to the full program.

"The first thing you notice about Rebekah is her pleasant demeanor. She has a way of creating a calm, inviting environment. She doesn't bombard you with questions, instead she opens space to allow you to explore. When she does add to the space, her comments are respectful, well timed, nuggets of gold. She has helped me to remove the clouds obscuring my vision so that I can move forward in my business and in my life. If you're looking for a guide to help you navigate your wilderness, look no further."

- Amy Phillips

Indianapolis, IN

You only have one life to live! Are you going to let it go to waste?

In the book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”, author Bronnie Ware writes that the most common regret her terminally ill patients had was: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Just think about that for a moment. Can you imagine lying on your deathbed one day filled with regrets? 

I wouldn’t think so. 

At the end of the day, the power to reclaim your passion and purpose, and begin living authentically is in your hands. And it only takes a little effort to start building that life.

Reignite your passions and begin living an authentic life filled with meaning and purpose, starting today.

Yes, I am ready to Reinvent My Reality!

The Reinvent My Reality Program includes:

Online Welcome Questionnaire – This is essential for success because we fully customize the process to fit you.

One 2-hour Accelerate Strategy Session and follow-up email including your life satisfaction assessment and at least one targeted action you can take right now to start turning your vision into your reality. These tools enable you to gain clarity on your desired future and provide valuable insight into your current stumbling blocks.

Eight (8) 1-hour coaching sessions customized for you and your goals. Each session builds on the last and strengthens your ability to sustain your progress in the long term. 

Audio recordings (optional). If desired, you will receive an audio recording of each coaching session. These recordings enable you to reflect on your progress, re-evaluate your goals, and sustain your motivation.

Virtual coaching – Connect with me via Zoom or phone call depending on location.

Online scheduling – Book private coaching sessions instantly.

Secure payment via PayPal. You can pay with a credit or debit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 minutes of the start of your Accelerate Strategy Session, if you decide my coaching methods aren’t for you, let me know and we will offer a full refund.

Next Steps

  • You can book your Accelerate Strategy Session immediately.
  • You will receive the Online Welcome Questionnaire and a Life Coach Services Agreement once your order is processed. You must submit both before the Strategy Session occurs.
  • If applicable, you will then receive separate links to book your one-hour sessions.

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